An inside look at the personal lives of the men who shaped this nation.

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More than Presidents gives an inside look at the personal lives of the men who shaped this nation. Learn about the childhood experiences of ordinary men from diverse backgrounds who went on to become Presidents of the United States. The stories are personal insights, sometimes amusing, often poignant, into our nation’s leaders.

A book to inspire readers of any generation,More than Presidents demonstrates how one person can make a difference. Full color photographs and unique presidential biographies fill this beautiful 176-page commemorative book. More than history, more than biography, More than Presidents reveals the true men behind the legends.

Dwight Eisenhower sewed all of Mamie's maternity clothes
Andrew Johnson was illiterate until the age of 17, when his 16-year-old wife taught him to read
Calvin Coolidge used to walk his pet raccoon, Rebecca, around the White House grounds on a leash
George W. Bush was escorted out of town by the local police when he helped tear the goalposts down when Yale beat Princeton on the road in a football game
8-year-old Bill Clinton went to church by himself because his mother was at the racetrack

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